Posts By: Hank Blumenthal

Ares Room Scale VR

  In a race against the clock, players embark on a dangerous adventure. Within moments, the journey goes haywire. Lost and alone, the player finds themselves stranded. In this VR interactive narrative, players fight to survive the dangerous landscape. Utilizing HTC Vive, Unity, and unique interaction paradigms, Ares explores a wide range of new techniques… Read more »

Bridging Cultural Gaps

Digital culture of the 21st century brought great cultural wealth to viewers, but didn’t equip them with interactive, content-sensitive tools to bring more understanding of existing cultural gaps. The goal of this project is to bridge these gaps, educate people and increase understanding and acceptance among representatives of different cultural backgrounds. The suggested solution is… Read more »


  GIFline is a social TV application that empowers viewers to aggregate, organize, and share sequences of GIFs. In doing so, GIFline enriches the communal experience of watching television. GIFs have become an increasingly popular media format for quickly and effectively communicating thoughts and emotions across a diverse selection of online platforms. While many of… Read more »


  Lycan is a virtual reality project that transforms your identity via an interactive werewolf narrative. The interactor is able to experience metamorphosis in an immersive virtual environment with realistic physics, shadows, and characters, while unique audio-visual cues drive the narrative forward in dramatic story beats – taking him or her back to the medieval… Read more »

StrangVR Things

Virtual reality provides interactors a means of immersing themselves into worlds that might be out of reach. StrangVR Things allows show watchers the opportunity to not only explore the story world of the Netflix Original Series, Stranger Things but enact a major scene that occurs off-screen in the show. We use VR to not break… Read more »

Harry PottAR

Current location-based narratives provide intended action but lack immersion. Current augmented reality applications are lacking stories with compelling story beats and payoff that provide intended action. By combining the two technologies, Harry PottAR suggests a future direction of interactive narratives. Harry PottAR is an augmented reality mobile application that brings the wizarding world of Harry… Read more »


“Nutshell” Nutshell is a video editing tool that allows users to isolate clips from their favorite TV shows and create “supercuts” that summarize complex plot arcs and compile recurring inside jokes. Nutshell is designed as a browser plugin that integrates with streaming services like Netflix, giving users easy access to content for a Supercut. Once… Read more »


Heads-Up is a Google Glass prototype that functions as a translucent second screen over the television while re-watching a favorite show. Our demo will focus on HBO’s highly acclaimed series, Game of Thrones. The intention of the design is to allow the user to continue viewing the TV screen while receiving synchronized commentary through Google… Read more »


Roovie is a second-screen companion mobile application that allows users to build connected and continuous viewing experiences through the power of social television. Research has shown that individuals are using second-screen devices more than ever before. Additionally, individuals want to communicate with friends and family in different physical locations. The Roovie mobile application allows users… Read more »


Demo GameBridge GameBridge Video Transmedia storytelling enables a narrative to traverse various media platforms in order to create a richer storyworld. To achieve this goal, our group envisioned a product called GameBridge, which builds upon the concept of transmedia storytelling by implementing a cross-platform narrative. A primary focus of GameBridge is to explore the potential of… Read more »