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Game of Thrones Companion

Bill Tsikerdanos, Hongyu (Chloe) Xie, Isabel Restrepo, Jesse Shedd, Pedro Silva, Sanat Rath, Sruthi Padala, Vipul Thakur, Abhishek Nandakumar The transition from novel to television creates the issue of compressing story into episodes limited by time and budgets. HBO’s translation of Game of Thrones is a rich tapestry of characters and narratives; however, the viewer… Read more »


Ben Pincus, Xize Li, David Muñoz, Iris Sun, Chunhui (Sherry) Wu, Qian (Zee) Xie, Jennifer Teeter Cult television shows demonstrate the link between media and identity through a shared knowledge of in-jokes. When many viewers multitask while watching TV, SocialTV is a web app that integrates video and chat functions to create a social experience… Read more »

Video Slivers

Sergio Goldenberg (Project Manager), Annie Lausier, Paul Amsbary Slivers is a broadband game that tests users’ musical knowledge by asking them to match artists with their slivers (brief segments of music videos). It displays dynamically-generated video content and prompts the user to select the corresponding artist from a list of five. A user may pick… Read more »


Sergio Goldenberg (Project Manager), Kartik Agarwal, Tarun Chakravorthy, Abraham Doris-Down, Pradyut Pokuri, Nachiketas Ramanujam, Don Fernandez, Tom Gibes, Ethiopia Hewitt, Christine Wu, Shannon Yao, Laurie Marion, Ali Tehrani Using the iPad as a substitute for the remote control, and the Google TV platform as a model for a convergence information environment, StoryLines presents a timeline-based… Read more »

Reliving Last Night

This project is an interactive narrative video story in which the protagonist, Claire, lives out the possibilities of her parallel lives at the whim of the interactor.

Smartphone & Tablet EPG and Story Navigator

Sergio Goldenberg (Project Manager), Thomas Barnwell, Paul Clifton, Delisha Peterson, Hwajung Hong The future of the remote control is a secondary screen that functions not just as a channel changer, but as a decision maker for navigating multiple channels and dynamic content. Using smart phones and tablet devices we demonstrate: Smart EPG: a novel electronic… Read more »

Next Generation Play

Project Directors: Janet Murray, Michael Nitsche Design Team: Matthew Drake, Sam Mendenhall The focus of the Next Generation Play project is on media convergence. We want to realize this convergence between established media, such as television and print, and locative social media such as cell phones. More specifically, our prototype provides a new form of… Read more »

Avatar Theater

Sergio Goldenberg (Project Manager), Thomas Barnwell, Neil Pradhan, Bobby Schweizer Avatar Theater promotes active shared viewing by groups in separate locations watching live or on demand programs synchronously.The theater extends the traditional home viewing experience, to include the virtual presence of other viewers who can share their reactions to the program in real time or… Read more »