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Sci-Fi Escape VR

Sci-Fi Escape is a virtual reality (VR) room escape experience designed for the Oculus Rift and other room-scale devices. Its purpose is to explore the possibility of creating compassion for a VR character and to introduce a two-handed pick up interaction mechanic. Players start off in a sci-fi themed jail cell with a potential friend… Read more »

Maliang and the Magic Brush VR

Maliang and the Magic Brush is a VR experiment designed for the HTC Vive and other room-scale VR devices. It was inspired by Google Tilt brush, a VR game that allows interactors to paint in an immersive 3D virtual space. Our team aims to take such experiences further allowing interactors not just to paint, but… Read more »

Trespass VR

Trespass is a stealth game designed for the HTC Vive and other room-scale VR devices. We borrowed from previous project, Ares to test certain conventions that their team has established in a totally new setting in 16th century Japan and a ninja genre. Trespass takes cues from genre classics MG: S and AC to immerse the… Read more »

SteamPumpT VR

  Compete in a steampunk hot-air-balloon race using a custom VR controller. You and your robot sidekick must navigate over mountain tops and dodge storm clouds to prove you are the best inventor in Mountaintown! This game makes use of a specialized controller that combines a familiar motion with a pressure sensitive pump to provide… Read more »

Isola VR

Isola is a VR journey that takes place in a fantasy world consisting of many floating islands. During the journey, a special vehicle will be available for navigation and interaction.  With the vehicle, the player can sail among the floating islands. He/she will overcome bad weather, throw a ring to attract giant fish.The entire story is accompanied by… Read more »

Gundam VR

Gundam VR is a virtual reality adaptation of the Japanese animated television show Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans. In this virtual reality experience, you will take the role of protagonist Mikazuki Augus, a young soldier that pilots a giant robot, known as a Gundam, in battle as a mercenary. Left paralyzed on his right side due to the physical strain… Read more »

Lonely Mountain VR

Lonely Mountain is a virtual reality adaptation of the movie The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. In this VR experience, the Lonely Mountain has fallen into the claws of Smaug the Terrible. You will take the role of the Hobbit Bilbo Baggins. Your mission is to find and recover the Arkenstone, and unite the dwarf realms once more under… Read more »

Over The Garden Wall VR

Alone in a strange and dark forest, you find a lantern, your sole source of light and comfort. But soon you are joined by two characters, and each makes a compelling argument as to why you should give the lantern to them. Who do you trust? You decide! This virtual reality experience places you at… Read more »

Ares Room Scale VR

  In a race against the clock, players embark on a dangerous adventure. Within moments, the journey goes haywire. Lost and alone, the player finds themselves stranded. In this VR interactive narrative, players fight to survive the dangerous landscape. Utilizing HTC Vive, Unity, and unique interaction paradigms, Ares explores a wide range of new techniques… Read more »


  Lycan is a virtual reality project that transforms your identity via an interactive werewolf narrative. The interactor is able to experience metamorphosis in an immersive virtual environment with realistic physics, shadows, and characters, while unique audio-visual cues drive the narrative forward in dramatic story beats – taking him or her back to the medieval… Read more »