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Gundam VR

Gundam VR is a virtual reality adaptation of the Japanese animated television show Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans. In this virtual reality experience, you will take the role of protagonist Mikazuki Augus, a young soldier that pilots a giant robot, known as a Gundam, in battle as a mercenary. Left paralyzed on his right side due to the physical strain… Read more »

Lonely Mountain VR

Lonely Mountain is a virtual reality adaptation of the movie The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. In this VR experience, the Lonely Mountain has fallen into the claws of Smaug the Terrible. You will take the role of the Hobbit Bilbo Baggins. Your mission is to find and recover the Arkenstone, and unite the dwarf realms once more under… Read more »

Over The Garden Wall VR

Alone in a strange and dark forest, you find a lantern, your sole source of light and comfort. But soon you are joined by two characters, and each makes a compelling argument as to why you should give the lantern to them. Who do you trust? You decide! This virtual reality experience places you at… Read more »

Ares Room Scale VR

  In a race against the clock, players embark on a dangerous adventure. Within moments, the journey goes haywire. Lost and alone, the player finds themselves stranded. In this VR interactive narrative, players fight to survive the dangerous landscape. Utilizing HTC Vive, Unity, and unique interaction paradigms, Ares explores a wide range of new techniques… Read more »

StrangVR Things

Virtual reality provides interactors a means of immersing themselves into worlds that might be out of reach. StrangVR Things allows show watchers the opportunity to not only explore the story world of the Netflix Original Series, Stranger Things but enact a major scene that occurs off-screen in the show. We use VR to not break… Read more »


Demo GameBridge GameBridge Video Transmedia storytelling enables a narrative to traverse various media platforms in order to create a richer storyworld. To achieve this goal, our group envisioned a product called GameBridge, which builds upon the concept of transmedia storytelling by implementing a cross-platform narrative. A primary focus of GameBridge is to explore the potential of… Read more »

Twitch Fiction

Twitch Fiction is an experiment in participatory narrative creation that utilizes the live streaming video platform as an arena for broadcasting interactive multiform narratives. Mariam Naziripour and Dan Singer designed the project in Georgia Tech’s ETV Lab.

Stories in Motion

Pedro Silva, Abhishek Nandakumar, Dillon Eversman, Rose Peng, Patricia Joe, Jesse Shedd, Sanat Rath, Sruthi Padala, Titilayo Craig As television stories grow in complexity, viewers are expected to accompany several character points of view (POV) across proliferating narrative threads. The Stories in Motion app allows viewers to control which character POV he or she wishes to follow, allowing viewers to chart… Read more »

Universal Threshold Object

Project Directors: Janet Murray, Ali Mazalek Abhishek Nandakumar, Balasubramanyam Ganapathi, Ben Pincus, Sahithya Baskaran, Amrutha Krishnan, Laurie Marion, Pratik Zaveri This project explores the possibilities, challenges, and benefits of using a tangible object as a controller and feedback device in an interactive television show. The Universal Threshold Object (UTO) enables interactors to realize emotional choices… Read more »

Don’t Open That Door

Project Advisors: Janet H. Murray, Ali Mazalek, Paul Clifton Jared Caldwell, Isaac Kulka, Riccardo Fassone, Jonathan Cutrell, Kevin Terraciano, Kartik Agarwal “Don’t Open That Door” is a gesture-based interactive narrative project set in the universe of the TV show Supernatural. This project creates dramatic agency for the interactor by leveraging expec- tations of the horror… Read more »