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GameBridge Video
GoT game

Transmedia storytelling enables a narrative to traverse various media platforms in order to create a richer storyworld. To achieve this goal, our group envisioned a product called GameBridge, which builds upon the concept of transmedia storytelling by implementing a cross-platform narrative. A primary focus of GameBridge is to explore the potential of interactive narrative to provide continuous additive rewards throughout a television season. For our prototype, we decided to take the television show Game of Thrones and the corresponding book series, A Song of Ice and Fire, to create a game using content from both media to form our own storyline. By using both the television show and the book series, GameBridge creates a convergence point between the two media and allows the interactor to have agency of the story through gameplay. In the future, this model could be recreated with any storyworld that is told through various media, including movies.