GIFline is a social TV application that empowers viewers to aggregate, organize, and share sequences of GIFs. In doing so, GIFline enriches the communal experience of watching television. GIFs have become an increasingly popular media format for quickly and effectively communicating thoughts and emotions across a diverse selection of online platforms. While many of these platforms integrate individual GIFs into their functionality, there are currently no applications that harness the creative potential of GIFs arranged in sequence. To create GIFlines, users simply drag and drop individual GIFs into an empty GIFline template. GIFline provides access to categorized libraries of thousands of GIFS within the application, and users can also import their own. This platform turns consumers into creators, empowering users to assemble sequences of GIFs that engage content in personally innovative ways. For example, users can create GIFlines to revisit great scenes from their favorite shows, summarize plot threads within complex story webs, compile nostalgic moments from memorable decades, consolidate famous catchphrases by iconic characters, highlight unforgettable sports moments, and ultimately convey anything they want to through a series of GIFs.

Students: Nick Tippens, Yiwen Zhao, Zixuan Wang, Yajing Yang