Fallen Fairy VR


Fallen Fairy is a virtual reality exploration that uses a narrative framework involving fairies, to induce calming feelings in the interactor. The concept for Fallen Fairy was inspired by the results of a survey our team launched at the start of the semester on the topic of stress. The 65 survey responses informed us that respondents found exercising (including yoga) and listening to music to be the most effective stress relievers.

How it Works

To experience Fallen Fairy, the interactor puts on the Oculus Rift headset and is immersed in a calming fantasy forest with a musical nature soundscape. The narrative starts when an acorn falls from the sky and hits a small fairy, flying amongst a group of fairies, in the head. She collapses from the impact of the acorn and the other fairies congregate around her, concerned for her wellbeing. The other fairies request that you flap your arms along with them (similar to flapping wings) to help heal her. As you follow their prompts, the system recognizes your gestures and the fallen fairy gradually rises and becomes fully healed!


Our user testing feedback informed us that Fallen Fairy was effective in meeting our goal of relieving stress in the lives of interactors. We asked them to describe their mood prior to, and following, using Fallen Fairy and we noted that the vast majority of testers’ moods improved following the experience.

Future Plans

In the future, we would like to extend the Fallen Fairy narrative to feature more scenes that require the interactor to perform additional body movements. Much like the arm flapping in the current experience, the additional movements would combine elements of yoga and general stretches.

Students: Danielle Schechter, Ishaani, Lindsay Kelly and Nikhila Nyapathy