Sergio Goldenberg: The Virtual TV Couch

Committee: Dr. Janet H. Murray, LMC, Dr. Michael Nitsche, LMC, Dr. Celia Pearce, LMC

Watching television is not only an entertainment or aesthetic experience, is also a social experience that is capable of triggering conversation and discussion, and of creating special communities around its programming.

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Currently, the television industry has not been able to offer an adequate product to facilitate the interaction of viewers that are watching the same programming, but are not in the same physical space. In fact, currently available interactive television applications focus on programming guides, video-on-demand, and voting features, but not on communication tools. Some people have solved this problem by using other kind of communication devices.

The goal of this project is to offer novel interactive television (ITV) applications utilizing a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) platform to enable enhanced communications, impulsive interactions, sharing experiences, and active discussions of small viewing groups, such us family, friends, and classmates.



This project was presented as part of the Work-in-progress session of the 5th European Interactive TV Conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on May 25 -26, 2007