Annie Lausier: Tagging for TV

Committee: Dr. Janet H. Murray, LMC, Chair, Dr. Jay Bolter, LMC, Georgia Tech, Dr. Peter McGuire, LMC, Georgia Tech

This project is a prototype for a system that enables television viewers to tag content that is meaningful to them. A viewer with the system will be able to create and tag clips while watching a television show, play back those clips, and share them with others.

Tagging for TV

Tags related to the current scene are highlighted in the right menu. Interactors can select a tag in the menu and the relevant scenes will become highlighted in the video timeline.

Project Website   Project Demo

Tagging for TV is a television-viewing system that leverages digitized video’s categorization and storage capabilities with the deep tagging and social aspect of online media. The application is prototyped with the television drama LOST. The system utilizes Flash video technology, PHP, XML, and MySQL to manage a set of user-created clips and tags. When a user makes a clip, he or she denotes a description, tags, and a starting point and ending point. These timecodes and metadata are stored for dynamic access. With Tagging for TV, people have the ability to navigate through a show by content defined in a meaningful way to them.