Sergio Goldenberg (Project Manager), Paul Amsbary, Rishi Bhilavdikar, Jill Donnelly, Annie Lausier, Josh Teague, Michael Pate

Episodes of Ben 10, a Cartoon Network series, are integrated with contextual quick time games that reinforce immersion for active viewer watching broadband programs on a game platform. Viewers capture game objects from the video stream, intensifying their attention to the program and their sense of the immediacy of the fictional world.

This project was developed as part of the American Film Institute’s Digital Content Lab. The group worked with organizations such as Turner Broadcasting, Sony Electronics, Microsoft, and The Barbarian Group.

This prototype utilizes new technological capabilities to create a rich environment in which a user can navigate with the ease of a video game. It aims to bring the traditional “lean-back” experience of consuming television content into the “lean-forward” engagement of a game. The user traverses the world of a story — television content and mini-games related to that content — and becomes part of a community of others engaged in the world. One’s status in the community is based upon his or her performance in the contextual mini-games and competition against others. This project is meant to explore how one would “play” a television show.