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Pipping aims to explore how introducing passive haptics can affect the feeling of presence in the space. The experience has been created for the HTC Vive utilizing the Vive Trackers to aid in the tracking of physical objects. In the experience, a player must return a fallen egg to its nest to begin hatching. The… Read more »

Data Leak

Data Leak is a VR stealth game, designed for Oculus Rift and other room-scale VR devices. The game explores how to symbolically present the problem of data leak and use diegetic methods to cue interactors to avoid data breach. In our game, we incorporate the idea of impossible space by creating different layout in each… Read more »

Homelessness in Atlanta

Homelessness in Atlanta is a Human and Civil Rights VR experience focusing on educating interactors on how the can best help the homeless population.  An interactor starts out in a food truck, serving food to homeless people.  The driver of the truck acts as a guide, telling the interactor what to do and more about… Read more »

Wilted Flowers, Wilted Lives

Human rights issue There are 135 thousand suicides in India every year. A quarter of a million farmers have committed suicide in the last 16 years. This is the largest wave of suicides in human history.  There are various reasons for this crisis- ranging from Government Economic Policies, to Climate Change, Drought and misdirection of… Read more »


Exposure is a virtual reality demonstration that digitally recreates the Stonewall uprising of June 1969— a pivotal moment in LGBT history and the genesis of the widespread support of gay rights in the United States. Set in a simulated Greenwich Village, Exposure allows the user to assume the role of a photojournalist who is trying… Read more »

Haptic VR Controller

This project is an extension from previous work from Pen Lab studio “SteampumpT” (DM Studio 6650 – Janet Murray / The Pen Lab / Fall 2017 / Team members: Miro Malesevic, Elizabeth Hill, Joshua Crisp, Kamryn Harris) and focuses on the effects of the exertive interaction on immersion and sense of presence in VR through… Read more »

What’s Up in Wonderland

What’s Up in Wonderland? is a virtual reality experience created for the Samsung Odyssey platform. Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, the experience draws heavily on fantasy tropes involving actions that would be impossible in the real world, such as physically shrinking and growing at will. This is a fun, experiment of playing with… Read more »

The Resurrected

The resurrected is a VR experience designed for Oculus Rift using the setting of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. In this game, we use diegetic methods to cue interactors to take actions and imitate the virtual characters. Also, we looked into ways of helping interactors identify their roles in virtual reality. Incentives used include companions to help… Read more »

Flee to the Tree

“Flee to the Tree” is a virtual reality (VR) exploratory experience designed for HTC Vive and other room-scale devices. Its purpose is to explore design strategies for navigating uneven terrain and vertical space with a scenario motivated by fear of a colossal virtual creature. Interactors start off at the base of a tree and are… Read more »

Singularity VR

Singularity is a VR application created with Unity and the Oculus Rift Touch. The experience aims to explore how players interact in a virtual reality environment as different characters with unique modes of movement. Players have the opportunity for bipedal movement in a room-scale scenario, as well as flight from the seat of a swiveling… Read more »