Ares Room Scale VR


In a race against the clock, players embark on a dangerous adventure. Within moments, the journey goes haywire. Lost and alone, the player finds themselves stranded. In this VR interactive narrative, players fight to survive the dangerous landscape. Utilizing HTC Vive, Unity, and unique interaction paradigms, Ares explores a wide range of new techniques in VR storytelling. The interactive narrative makes use of Impossible Spaces, a VR natural-locomotion concept for room-scale experiences that enables the user to enjoy nearly limitless movement throughout a digital world without breaking their sense of presence. Further, the demo also provides users with the following unique interactions: climbing in VR; speaking with a sarcastic AI robot helper; breaking apart rocks; crawling in VR; providing aural and visual feedback via the HMD after an obstacle has been hit, and navigating with the Impossible Spaces. This distinctive, immersive experience will test users’ survival skills and offer an exciting challenge.

Students: Karan Pratap Singh, Joshua A. Fisher, Amit Garg, & Wes Wang