Homelessness in Atlanta

Homelessness in Atlanta is a Human and Civil Rights VR experience focusing on educating interactors on how the can best help the homeless population.  An interactor starts out in a food truck, serving food to homeless people.  The driver of the truck acts as a guide, telling the interactor what to do and more about how the interactor can help.  He begins by thanking you for coming out.  Then the first homeless person approaches.  He asks for soup and a sandwich. The user can scoop soup out of the pot to their right and hand them sandwiches found on their left. As the homeless continue to approach the interactor, the interactor slowly runs out of sandwiches and has to open the oven to get more.  The final homeless person, Mike, knows the driver and the interactor witnesses a conversation between the two that educates the interactor on some of the other programs that exist to help the homeless population.

It is our hope that interactors will come away from this experience with a better understanding of what homelessness is and how they can best help.

Students: Sammi Hudock, Joe McCandless, Matt Golino