Don’t Open That Door

Project Advisors: Janet H. Murray, Ali Mazalek, Paul Clifton
Jared Caldwell, Isaac Kulka, Riccardo Fassone, Jonathan Cutrell, Kevin Terraciano, Kartik Agarwal

“Don’t Open That Door” is a gesture-based interactive narrative project set in the universe of the TV show Supernatural. This project creates dramatic agency for the interactor by leveraging expec- tations of the horror genre within a seamless scenario that elicits expressive actions and provides a dramatically satisfying response.

We match interaction and narrative elements to support the following design goals: Story-driven Physical Reactions, Persistent and Uninterrupted Narrative, Scripting of the Interactor by Narrative.

We use the following gestures to cue the interactor:
Verbal A character directs the interactor to perform an action.
Audio Visual The setting and soundscape indicates that some action can be taken
Reactive A sudden change in the drama causes the interactor to perform an action without thinking about it.
Mimetic The interactor performs an action after first seeing it performed by a character

Created in collaboration with Tawny Schlieski, Intel Interaction and Experience Research Group with funding from Intel Corporation.