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Alien Encounter VR

Alien Encounter is a VR experience exploring the role of gestural communication with diegetic characters. As a member of Star Fleet you are beamed down to a planet under Captain Janeway’s orders to establish relations with the alien species there. The alien can only communicate to you through gesture, so you must watch carefully and… Read more »

The BoARd game

The BoARd Game is a room-scale interactive narrative designed specifically for the Hololens. In this narrative, the player is helping a couple of kids (non-playable characters) to escape a life-threatening board game. The game begins with the kids casting the dice and the game shrinking them to a small size after which they become actual… Read more »


Heads-Up is a Google Glass prototype that functions as a translucent second screen over the television while re-watching a favorite show. Our demo will focus on HBO’s highly acclaimed series, Game of Thrones. The intention of the design is to allow the user to continue viewing the TV screen while receiving synchronized commentary through Google… Read more »

Stories in Motion

Pedro Silva, Abhishek Nandakumar, Dillon Eversman, Rose Peng, Patricia Joe, Jesse Shedd, Sanat Rath, Sruthi Padala, Titilayo Craig As television stories grow in complexity, viewers are expected to accompany several character points of view (POV) across proliferating narrative threads. The Stories in Motion app allows viewers to control which character POV he or she wishes to follow, allowing viewers to chart… Read more »

Universal Threshold Object

Project Directors: Janet Murray, Ali Mazalek Abhishek Nandakumar, Balasubramanyam Ganapathi, Ben Pincus, Sahithya Baskaran, Amrutha Krishnan, Laurie Marion, Pratik Zaveri This project explores the possibilities, challenges, and benefits of using a tangible object as a controller and feedback device in an interactive television show. The Universal Threshold Object (UTO) enables interactors to realize emotional choices… Read more »

Don’t Open That Door

Project Advisors: Janet H. Murray, Ali Mazalek, Paul Clifton Jared Caldwell, Isaac Kulka, Riccardo Fassone, Jonathan Cutrell, Kevin Terraciano, Kartik Agarwal “Don’t Open That Door” is a gesture-based interactive narrative project set in the universe of the TV show Supernatural. This project creates dramatic agency for the interactor by leveraging expec- tations of the horror… Read more »