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The BoARd game

The BoARd Game is a room-scale interactive narrative designed specifically for the Hololens. In this narrative, the player is helping a couple of kids (non-playable characters) to escape a life-threatening board game. The game begins with the kids casting the dice and the game shrinking them to a small size after which they become actual… Read more »

Harry PottAR

Current location-based narratives provide intended action but lack immersion. Current augmented reality applications are lacking stories with compelling story beats and payoff that provide intended action. By combining the two technologies, Harry PottAR suggests a future direction of interactive narratives. Harry PottAR is an augmented reality mobile application that brings the wizarding world of Harry… Read more »


Heads-Up is a Google Glass prototype that functions as a translucent second screen over the television while re-watching a favorite show. Our demo will focus on HBO’s highly acclaimed series, Game of Thrones. The intention of the design is to allow the user to continue viewing the TV screen while receiving synchronized commentary through Google… Read more »