Stories in Motion

Pedro Silva, Abhishek Nandakumar, Dillon Eversman, Rose Peng, Patricia Joe, Jesse Shedd, Sanat Rath, Sruthi Padala, Titilayo Craig

As television stories grow in complexity, viewers are expected to accompany several character points of view (POV) across proliferating narrative threads. The Stories in Motion app allows viewers to control which character POV he or she wishes to follow, allowing viewers to chart a unique path through Netflix’s House of Cards. Additionally, viewers may annotate episodes with their reactions and insights, then share these paths with fellow viewers. In turn, fellow viewers experience their friends’ personalized traversals.


The timeline divides the current episode into scenes. Upon selecting a character POV, the timeline is pruned to only those scenes that feature the selected character.


Viewers may toggle annotations from their friends.