Exposure is a virtual reality demonstration that digitally recreates the Stonewall uprising of June 1969— a pivotal moment in LGBT history and the genesis of the widespread support of gay rights in the United States. Set in a simulated Greenwich Village, Exposure allows the user to assume the role of a photojournalist who is trying to capture images of the uprising for the media. Due to the nature of the protests and the implied violation of civil rights, the authorities do not want for news about the event to be leaked to the press. Therefore, the user must take their photographs quickly and efficiently in order to capture the groundbreaking moment in LGBT and American history, and to reveal the ongoing struggle of a marginalized people group.

The historical simulation

Exposure aims to examine civil rights issues in the context of in-game photography mechanics, allowing the user to more deeply explore and consider the Stonewall uprisings by virtually placing them in the event.

Students: Christina Bui, Allison Crochet, Christopher Sun