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The World War II: D-Day

Negar Farhi (Project Manager), Paul Amsbary, Brandon Brown, Sergio Goldenberg, Hartmut Koenitz, Nate Olson, Susan Robinson, Allison Sall A prototype for the History Channel designed as a premium offering, drawing on multiple sources and rich metadata annotations to juxtapose multiple human perspectives on a complex sequence of events. The World War II Experience prototype is… Read more »

American Experience

Karyn Lu, Tom Banaszewski, Zuley Clarke, Brooke Thompson, Alcides Velasquez The American Experience Virtual Channel prototype assumes a broadband, video-on-demand environment that merges the rich content of television with the interactivity and archiving capabilities of the world wide web. The Georgia Tech eTV Prototyping group, in collaboration with the American Film Institute‚Äôs eTV Workshop and… Read more »

Love and Diane

Karyn Lu, Tom Banaszewski, Zuley Clarke, Drew Cogswell, Engin Erdogan, Sharon Haber, Jennifer Haskins, Zhiyu Wang The Interactive Timeline presents a visual representation of key events in the lives of Love and Diane. Video clips are embedded into the timeline, which users can sort thematically. Love & Diane: An Interactive Timeline is an interactive TV… Read more »

Two Towns of Jasper

Gunthar Hartwig, Chetan Bagga, Yvonna Caravia, Sumier Phalake, Susan Robinson, Nina Walia The Georgia Tech team created a DVD prototype of a navigable version of the film. The DVD allows viewers to follow individual citizens of Jasper as they come to terms with the horrible murder and its explicitly racist motivation, and to compare points… Read more »