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Infinite Programming Guide

Jesse Shedd, Michael Lefco, Chong Guo The Infinite Programing Guide is an experimental electronic programing guide that allows discovery through social means, crowdsourced curation of content, and navigation within series, across video sources.

Universal Threshold Object

Project Directors: Janet Murray, Ali Mazalek Abhishek Nandakumar, Balasubramanyam Ganapathi, Ben Pincus, Sahithya Baskaran, Amrutha Krishnan, Laurie Marion, Pratik Zaveri This project explores the possibilities, challenges, and benefits of using a tangible object as a controller and feedback device in an interactive television show. The Universal Threshold Object (UTO) enables interactors to realize emotional choices… Read more »


Sergio Goldenberg (Project Manager), Kartik Agarwal, Tarun Chakravorthy, Abraham Doris-Down, Pradyut Pokuri, Nachiketas Ramanujam, Don Fernandez, Tom Gibes, Ethiopia Hewitt, Christine Wu, Shannon Yao, Laurie Marion, Ali Tehrani Using the iPad as a substitute for the remote control, and the Google TV platform as a model for a convergence information environment, StoryLines presents a timeline-based… Read more »